Monday, July 16, 2012

Live Below the Line - an explanation

You may have noticed I've been spamming everyone with messages about Live Below the Line. If you haven't actually bothered to read any of them worked out what this is, I have signed up to live on €1.40 per day for five days to change the way people think about poverty and raise money for my chosen charity, the Global Poverty Project. You can read more about Live Below the Line and the Global Poverty Project one the separate blog page I've written here.

You may be wondering why I'm signing up to swap discovering local cuisine and indulging in my passion for local libations for a week's worth of rice and water, and to swap getting out and about in this corner of the world for five days of lying around in a lethargic food-deprived state (hopefully that bit is an exaggeration!).

Those of you who knew me well back in New Zealand will know that I was always pretty passionate about being a global citizen and getting involved in many projects to help others out. While I've attempted to get involved in a few projects over here, lack of the appropriate language skills and a tendency to relocate frequently has really prevented me from doing so. As I mentioned back when I wrote some reflections on my first year here in Europe, this has contributed to me feeling like I've lost a lot of my identity by coming over here, something that really surprized me and has been one of the hardest things I've dealt with so far. So, when I saw this video, I jumped at the chance to sign up for something that will both help others, and help myself a little too. Please support me by skipping your latte today and donating the $5 here, every little bit helps!

I'm really passionate about the project, and will share as much as possible with you all too - by posting links to media released by others involved, like this video, blogging about my experiences, and if time allows, I will even do some research and write some posts about poverty here in Europe.

My spamming won't be going away anytime soon, so save yourself the guilt you'll feel as you read my posts while sipping your latte, and go here to donate! Thanks everyone!

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