Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Generosity this Christmas

If you can take anything away from this blog and the experiences I've had, it is the benefit of opening your doors and hearts to people from all around the world. In doing so myself I've been rewarded with amazing friends, and people opening their doors to me while I've been trying to learn more about the world and myself has really made this trip possible. I can't thank people enough for everything that has been done for me during the past year.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, how about you consider opening your doors to a young person from somewhere else in the world yourself?

I was hosted by an amazing family during my AFS exchange year to Costa Rica, and my family has hosted a Costa Rican girl and French boy since my return.

The only requirement is a open heart and a spare bed. AFS exchange families come in all shapes and sizes, from young singles to retired couples and everything in between. You don't need to be the richest family on the block, or the most family-time focused one, there is always a young person that will fit in with your lifestyle. Just think about it. Interested but can't commit for a long-term exchange? Talk to me about other options.

And in return for opening your doors to someone else, I know you will be amazed by the doors that will open in return to you. 

Nick, Germany, 16
Nick comes from a family of 5, and is the oldest of 3 brothers. He very much enjoys astronomy and owns his own telescope. He also enjoys taking photos of the night sky. He also enjoys skiing and playing strategy games. Nick is described as an honest, ambitious and respectful person. He is looking forward to coming to New Zealand and exploring our beautiful country and is excited to be part of a Kiwi family.

Veronica, Finland, 17
Veronica is an active young lady with numerous interests. She plays tennis, goes to the gym, does cross-country and downhill skiing, does horse riding and has taken dancing lessons just to name a few. She applied to go exchange after doing a school presentation on New Zealand. She came home and told her parents she wanted to go on exchange to New Zealand. She also has artistic endeavours and enjoys photography. Her parents describe her as positive with a good sense of humour.

Luiz Felipe, Brazil, 17
Luiz Felipe is a friendly and easy going person. He likes to keep busy and enjoys such sports as soccer, surfing and swimming. Twice a week he does volunteer work teaching disadvantaged children how to use computers and he really enjoys this. Luiz Felipe also takes drama and performs in the end of year school play. When he finishes his studies Luiz Felipe wants to study to become a doctor and more specifically a neurosurgeon.

More student profiles and information can be found here, or by calling 0800 600 300

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