Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fusion Food a la Koi

This is pretty much exactly what we always eat. Meat, rice and cucumber!
I can't really complain too much about Koi's cooking. It's not particularly healthy unless you adhere to the 'five slices of one vegetable = 'five a day" philosophy I mentioned in my last post, but its damn tasty. I've always been a huge fan of Thai food, I think Satay Kingdom's profits nosedived when I left the country, and their mee goreng is definitely the dish I miss the most from NZ, I would pay heaps for that now, you can't get good asian food over here at all and it's one thing that Koi never cooks.....anyway I digress.

Traditional Haggis
Eating her cooking everyday, while terrible for my waistline and general health, is great for my tastebuds. Last night we had four separate Thai dishes, it was awesome. And I'm addicted to spicy food, I used to amaze my coworkers by keeping a box of chilli powder in the staffroom and adding it to everything, even normally non-spicy things like macaroni and cheese or slices of pizza. I also used to think I had pretty good tolerance for spicy food, I'd never found anything too spicy for me to eat, even when I spent a couple of months challenging the Satay Kingdom staff to keep making it spicier to find my limit. I guess they never took my challenge very seriously though, because with Koi's cooking I've discovered a limit of sorts, in that what she considers hot makes me walk round in furious circles eating cheese while my tounge feels like its crying. Arin finds this hilarious. Still doesn't stop me from eating it all though.

So on the whole, I'd rate her cooking pretty highly. Until she attempts European cooking. Because somehow she can't manage to cook anything European without throwing some Thai into the mix.

Koi's version of Haggis: Haggis-filled spring rolls
Like Haggis. When she announced she would buy haggis in England and bring it back, I actually got kind of excited about trying this world-famous traditional dish. Until she brought it home and cooked it. I don't think Haggis-stuffed spring rolls, deep fried and dipped in chilli sauce, is particularly traditional or a good indication of the true taste of Haggis. Although I guess not many people can say that their first taste of Haggis was cooked by a Thai woman in Belgium.

Koi's tortellini/chicken stir-fry
Or tonights dinner. She chopped up chicken, onion, mushrooms, capsicum and chillis, and chucked them in the wok with a whole lot of asian saucy stuff. Ok, I think to myself, stirfry on rice for dinner tonight again. But no. Then she took out two vastly different packets of stuffed tortellini, cooked them, and then added them to the stirfry along with cream. And called it pasta. I'll tell you, biting into spinach and feta tortellini covered in spicy asian sauce along with your mushrooms and chicken is interesting. Interesting in the sense that it makes me want to plead having already eaten and go for a walk down the road to Quick.

So I call it Fusion a la Koi. Definitely not the kind of Fusion food that you pay good money for along the Wellington waterfront, but an experience all the same!

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